TCYS Referee Program

Tipp City Youth Soccer provides a program in which children ages 4 to 18 years can learn, play, and enjoy the game of soccer in a less competitive, recreational atmosphere. Referees are an important component in helping the coaches and players succeed; they help the games run smoothly by promoting Fair Play and safety while applying the Laws of the Game. Many of our referees get additional training in order to referee more competitive matches in other local leagues and in tournaments.

In addition to providing a means to earn money, refereeing is a great way for teenagers and adults alike to learn new skills while helping the youth of our community learn and play the game of soccer. Anyone may attend the Introductory Referee Training provided by TCYS with no obligation to referee. Please read the Newsletter to Referee Candidates,  Referee Requirements, and the Referee Program Report for the past season for more information. You may also contact the Referee Coordinator at tysreferees@gmail.com with any questions.

And of course, complete the MVE Referee Application if you would like to join the TCYS Referee Team! 

You may also use this application to referee for any of the MVE Clubs.

TCYS Referee Payment Schedule
8U Passers matches – 1 referee is paid $20
10U Wings matches – 2 referees are paid $25 each
12U Striker matches – 2 referees are paid $30 each
14U Kicker matches – 2 referees are paid $35 each
19U Seniors/Minors matches – 2 referees are paid $40 each

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