Training for Coaches

1.  TCYS provides training and support to new and veteran coaches:

       a.  Pre-season Coaches’ Meeting - Coaches are required to attend this meeting (usually

            in late June/mid-July) to information, and expectations for fall season.

       b.  Coaches Training - Coaches are required to attend this training held on July 31st, 2021 at 10 a.m.

2.  Coaching Clinics

      a.  Every new coach is required to be certified in order to be covered by the liability

            insurance provided by SAY.  TCYS will offer coaches one half-day training at Kyle

           Park in late July thru OYSA.  TCYS can also certify coaches (as a last resort) who are unable to  attend the Clinic.

      b.  A valid “F” or higher United States Soccer Federation (USSF) coaching license is also

           accepted.  This is the course that all Select coaches must take.  Go to www.mvysa.com for a

          listing of clinics.  They are offered every summer and Jan-Feb-Mar in the Miami Valley area. 

          However, these clinics cost over $60 and are 9 hours over two days.

3.  Laws of the Game Training

        a.  An Introductory Clinic on the Laws of the Game will be held in early August to prepare new

              referees.  Coaches and parents are also invited to attend all or part of the day.

*Coaches are encouraged to contact their League Coordinator or the Director of Coaching whenever they have questions or concerns.